AOSP Music+

Originally, I published pretty much intended as a throwaway – I’d managed to compile this app for an extremely low end device I had at the time, so I decided to also put it on the store in case a similarly lightweight was something people wanted. It turns out that it definitely was wanted, with a current peak install base of over 1.5 million devices and peaking at over 25k downloads a day. The app currently lies abandoned, mostly because the API level is too low to produce any more updates, however it did serve as a good learning experience for enhancing an older application with features for newer devices.


This was a very simple throwaway application I made to connect to Minecraft servers running the RemoteBukkit plugin. This would let you view and manage the server console on servers with this plugin setup, without having to use SSH.

Rymate Notes

The first Android app I made. More of a learning experience than anything else, this was essentially a simple tutorial thhat I extended with design updates and added categories. No longer maintained but still on the Play Store

UWP Menu Bar

This was a library made to replicate the common menu bar component usually found in desktop apps in a UWP app. This had replicated a number of the common patterns, including hover to switch menus and full keyboard control. However MS has since made their own and this is thus no longer necessary.